What are the products made of?

The cutlery is made from unbleached birch. The straws from unbleached quadruple thick paper. 

Are they durable? 

Yes. The straws last 48+ hours submerged in liquid before suction diminishes. The cutlery are better performing than most plastic utensils.

How long does it take to decompose?

In a typical rolling compost bin, our products will decompose fully in 1-3 years. Plastics take 400-1000 years to decompose and when they do the leach poison into the Earth. Bioplastics take 50-100 years and have a similar effect as plastic. 

Can I order wholesale?

Yes. That's our thing! These products have a long shelf life and buying in bulk saves you money. Email us for pricing on orders greater than 10,000 pieces at Niko@LBecoproducts.com


Tree Planting FAQs:

Who plants the trees?

We work directly with ReTree who has an extensive network of partners who plant trees and assist local communities in over 25 different countries on every continent.  

Partners like PlantIt2020.org, EdenProject.comWeForest.org, and TreesForTheFuture.org have a physical presence in the country you chose and will plant the trees.

How quickly will my trees be planted?

The planting season is different for each country and climate. Countries with harsh winters may have a short planting season while tropical countries may be planted immediately.  

Because we offer trees in so many countries, each with unique environments, we have authorized our partners to use their expertise in deciding when and what type of tree to plant - this could take months.

What type of trees do you plant?

There are over 100k species of trees on the planet. The goal of ReTree is to plant native trees that make a longstanding, positive impact on the community. Whenever possible, ReTree and its network of partners teach local community members how to plant and care for the trees.